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Time Clock Introduction

Time Clock

Overview: The Time Clock utility provides the ability to track the employee’s time and tips. The Employee Hours Report is available to display the information recorded by the Time Clock. If you choose to have the employees check out for breaks the reports will reflect that as well.

Time Clock Introduction

The employee will need to access the Time Clock each time they are checking in or checking out. The employee logged into CSM will need to have the permission ‘Access Time Clock from Main Menu’ and/or Access Time Clock from Register’ assigned. See section Employee | Role Maintenance for more information on permissions.

Employee Login ID – This is the 3-4 character ID assigned to the employee.

Password/PIN – This is the Password assigned to the employee.

Next – Select this after entering the user credentials to determine whether the system shows the employee as currently Checked in or Checked out.

Print a Copy – Select this to print a receipt of the time stamp information.

Current Date/Time – This field shows what Windows says the actual date and current time are.

Note: CSM displays the date and time as Windows shows is. If this is incorrect, the Windows date and time will need to be changed. CSM will then need to be reopened to display new Windows date/time.

Check IN – This will appear if the system shows the employee as currently checked out. This is how the employee clocks in.

Check OUT – This will appear is the system shows the employee as currently checked in. This is how the employee clocks out.

Cancel – Select this to cancel out of the Time Clock screen.

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