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Time Clock Instructions

Time Clock Instructions

Select Time Clock from the main menu or the Register page and the employee Time Clock screen will be displayed. Once you have entered your credentials the option to Check IN or Check OUT will be available.

• Enter your Employee Login ID and password and select the Next button or swipe your Employee Card.
• Select Print a Copy to have a receipt of your time entry print.
• If you are not currently checked in select the Check IN button.

If you have previously checked in, but forgotten to check out, the time you see displayed will probably be the previous date. In this case, select Check OUT to complete your checkout record. Now return to the Time Clock and Check IN following the normal check in procedure. An employee with the permission ‘Access Hours Maintenance’ can access the Time Clock record and make changes if necessary to correct missed clock in or clock out. See section Employee | Employee Hours Maintenance for more information on editing hours.

• If you are currently checked in and are required to record your tips enter the amount in the Tips field.
• If you are currently checked in select Check OUT to record your checkout time.

Reports are available to view how many employees are currently checked in as well as a summary of the employee hours for payroll purposes. See section Reports for more information.

Note: Coffee Shop Manager timekeeping is intended to track actual hours. It is not intended to address the varying scenarios for rounding time, automatically clocking employees out or other functionality that may or may not be legal in your state. We advise you to consult with a professional aware of the legal requirements and acceptable behavior with respect to employee timekeeping in your state, and we make no representations as to the suitability or fit for use of the Employee Time Clock to your legal requirements.

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