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Utilities | Backup Register Data

Utilities | Backup Register Data

Backing up your register data should be done on a daily basis.

Overview: This is the only security you have against data loss if something happens to your system. This can be done by any employee with the Access Backup Functions permission. See section Employee | Role Maintenance for more information. If you have multiple stores, you must backup at each location. The Headquarters system does not serve as a backup for your stores.

Backup Maintenance

Overview: CSM offers multiple options for saving your transaction history file. This includes scheduling backup times as well as removing older backups.

Backup Maintenance Introduction

These are the options available in Backup Maintenance. The Automatic Backup feature is intended to improve the frequency of data back-ups actually completed at a customer site. It is important to maintain your back-ups and verify back-up are being completed and stored correctly.

If CSM becomes unusable for any reason, CSM support can assist in program installation, but without a current back-up copy of the coffee.mdb files, CSM support may only be able to install a blank database on the computer, resulting in permanent transaction, customer, employee and menu data loss.

Enable Automatic Backups – Select this to schedule backups to complete at specified times.

After shift closing – This option prompts a backup to complete after every shift has been ended in the Shift screen.

OLB – This is the online backup option. It will send a backup to CSM. This is an additional cost feature. Please contact our Sales department for more information.

Hourly between – Select this to schedule an automatic backup every hour between the hours selected in the drop-down list.

Every 3 hours – Select this to schedule an automatic backup every 3 hours between the hours selected in the drop-down list.

Every Day at – Select this to schedule an automatic backup at the specified time selected in the drop-down list.

Total GB Hard Drive Space in Use – This shows the current drive space used by backups.

Remove backups older than 1 year – Select this to automatically remove backups older than 1 year.

Backup Folder Name – Select the blue browsing box to view and/or set the backup path.

Save Settings – Select Save Settings after making any changes to the Backup Maintenance screen to save your changes.

Delete Backup – Highlight a specific backup and select Delete Backup to delete it.

Copy Backup – Highlight a specific backup and select Copy Backup to make a copy of it.

Backup Now – Select Backup Now to complete a backup immediately.

Backup Register Data Instructions

This option allows you to save the Coffee Shop Manager database to a backup device such as a USB Drive or external hard drive. There are also options to schedule back-up times to complete.

Automated back-up utilities are prone to issue. They are impacted by errors that can and do occur with operating systems, database issues, processing capabilities and other technical interruptions that can cause a back-up to fail. It is important to maintain your back-up system.
  • Verify on a regular basis that your back-ups are being completed, including whether the file size closely matches your Coffee Shop Manager database.
  • Continue to make a copy of your back-up file (in addition to the Automatic back-up) and maintain a recent file offsite on a regular basis. Complete hardware failure, theft, fire, flood, etc DO occur and a back-up on the same PC is merely a COPY of the database that is of no value in these situations.
  • Remove old copies of your back-ups stored on the Local C:\ Drive to maintain adequate disk space on your POS PC.
  • Contact CSM support if you suspect that your back-up functionality is not operating properly or you are running out of disk space and do not know how to properly delete old files.
To complete a Backup in CSM:
  • Select Utilities | Backup Register Data.
  • Select Backup Now
  • To mark the backup with a special notation, use the Enter optional Note/Description field. 
  • Select Continue Backup.
  • Select the location of the backup and select OK
Note: If you will be using the same path each time, select Save Settings to store the path.
  • Select OK to the Backup Successfully Completed message. 
You will be prompted to Backup Online. This is a paid feature offered by CSM. CSM provides this back-up function as a convenience to you.


You are responsible for your data and need to establish a routine that ensures your primary data and back-ups are secure. See your Salesman for more information. If you are not a subscriber, select No.

Note: If you are not a paid subscriber to this service, your backup will not be stored by CSM.

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