Utilities | Misc

Utilities | Misc

Utilities | SQL Commands

This is a utility designed for CSM technical support to use. If you have questions about this utility, please contact our support department.

Utilities | View Logs

Coffee Shop Manager generates program logs. This is a running entry of the program events. This can be used to verify specific activity as well as aid in troubleshooting issues.

There are two types of Log files running in CSM. To view the Log files the user must have the permission View Logs in their Role profile. See section Employee | Role Maintenance for more information.

Note: The Log files should not be altered in any way without contacting CSM technical support.

Log File – This file shows normal program activity.

The Error Log – This file shows the messages that appear when an error occurs within the program.

Clear Error Log – This option deletes the error message logs. This should not be used without contacting CSM technical support.

Utilities | Feature Activation

Coffee Shop Manager offers a variety of features that require activation to be uses. These features include downloading software updates, Online Backup subscription and other features. Contact your salesman for more information on features.

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