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System Options - Printer Settings

Printer Selection

It is important to select a printer here for each type of receipt you wish to print: receipts, orders, kitchen and reports. Commonly receipts and orders will be on the same receipt printer if you are only using one printer. If you have an 8 ½ x 11 report printer connected to the system select that for the report printer. If you do not have a report printer a generic HP Deskjet can be set up and selected to allow you to preview reports in the proper size. You will need to install your own printer once you have the system set up in your store. To install the report printer follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

You may select a specific printer to receive all food or drink orders, which will send to a kitchen or barista bar printer. First you will have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the printer on the computer.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the printer on the compute  
  • Create printers in CSM using the Printer Maintenance utility by selecting PRINTER MAINTENANCE from this system options page or PRINTER SETUP from MAINTENANCE on the main program menu.
Note:  See ______________ for instructions on Printer Maintenance.
  • Now you can select the printer in the Default Printer menus on the Printer Settings page. 
Test Printer – Select this to test the printer showing in the drop-down list. 

Printer Maintenance – This screen is where you map your Windows printers to CSM. The report printer must be assigned to a large format printer, not a receipt printer. You must have a normal printer such as HP Deskjet installed under Control Panel | Printers, even if you do not have an actual printer attached to the system. This will allow you to take full advantage of the report system.

Logo Maintenance – This screen allows you attach logos to your receipts.

Print Receipts – Select this to have a receipt print by default. The end choice can be changed on the checkout screen by unchecking the option to print the receipt. In order to use this you must have a receipt printer setup in Windows and mapped in CSM. Make sure the receipt printer is your Windows Default printer in Control Panel | Printer. If this is checked off, you will receive a prompt on the checkout screen that will allow you to print receipts on an individual basis. There are two types of receipt printing options.
  • Compact Receipt – This is the default setting. It will not show all of the details of the transaction.
  • Extended Receipt – Enable this to have more descriptive details of the transaction appear on the receipt.
For Prepaid Only – Check this on the print receipts automatically ONLY FOR PREPAY ACCOUNTS. You can still choose to print receipts on an individual basis from the checkout screen.

Mask Ticket # to 2 digits – Enable this option to hide the full ticket number and only show the last 2 digits of the ticket number on the receipt.

Suppress Loyalty on Receipt – Enable this option to hide the loyalty information on the receipt.

Separate Taxes on Receipt – Enable this option to show multiple tax rates separately on the receipt. For example by default it will show a combined city and state line, when checked on it would break it out into one city line and one state line (this is all dependent on how your taxing is setup in the system).

Print Order Tickets when Queuing – Enable this to set order tickets to print when the order is queued.

Print Order Tickets after Checkout – Enable this to set order tickets to print after the order is completed.

Combine Items on Receipt – This option is for use with full table management and will consolidate like items on the receipt. For example if there is an order with two of the exact same drinks it would show as one line with a quantity of 2 rather than two separate lines.

Return Receipt Copies – Enter the number of copies of a returned ticket receipt you would like to print.

Receipt Message – Type any length of message in here to be displayed at the end of your receipts. This is ideal for printing Website information or for seasonal greetings.

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