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System Options - Credit Cards

Credit card setup is typically done by CSM Technical Support to ensure the correct settings have been configured for the processor and hardware in use.

General Credit Card Settings

Use Side Terminal – When a side terminal or means other than the POS is used to authorize the credit cards this option can be turned on to allow the user to enter the auth code obtained from the device, and complete the sale registering it in the system as a credit card sale.

Allow Multiple Credit cards
– Check this on if to allow more than one credit card to be used on a single transaction.

Allow Tips – Check this on if your processor is set up to accept tips on credit cards.

Collect Immediately – Check this on if you are taking tips and would like to be prompted immediately after the sale to add the tip.

Use Bulk Tips – Tipping feature for use with full Table Management (additional purchase) that allows all tipping transactions to be performed together in one operation.

Allow Tip Payouts – Tipping feature for use with full Table Management (additional purchase) and Bulk Tips that allows users to payout their own tips.

Allow Card Type of Other – Enable this to allow a selection of credit card type ‘Other’ at the time of order completion.

Auto feed Credit Card Receipt – Enable this to no longer have to select OK to allow customer’s receipt to print

Last Valid Year – This sets the end expiration date on a credit card to be allowed to process.

Don’t print receipt if ticket less than – This limits a signature ticket to print based on dollar amount entered.

Integrated Receipt - This should be enabled if the receipts are configured to print through the CSM program.

Standalone Receipt – This should be enabled if the receipts are not configured to print through the CSM program.

CC Slip Copies – Enter in the amount of receipts to print at the end of a credit card transaction.

Credit Card Fee – Set the fee to add to the customer’s order when using a credit card. For example if you charge $.50 to use a credit card, enter .50 into this field to have it automatically add to every credit card order.

Credit Card Percentage – Enter the percentage rate charged by your merchant provider to recover the fee from tips. For example if your credit card rate is 2.5% and a 1.00 tip was given the credit card summary will provide the adjusted tip amount to give to the employee, in this example $0.98.

Login Validation – This will require the user to enter their username and password to add tips or process returns.

Tip greater than warning % – The user is prompted when it a tip is being added that is greater than the specified percentage. Use this field to change from the standard 20%.

Suggest Tips – Add suggested tip values to the credit card receipt.

Use Touch Screen for Signature Capture – Use with the tablet PC to allow the user to sign for the purchase onscreen.

PPI  / DataCap / Open Edge

These are the setup screens for GS merchant service partners. Contact GS support for assistance to properly configure these providers.

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