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Opening a New Shift

Opening a New Shift

Opening a Shift allows you use the Register. This is the way you verify whose drawer it is and who handled the majority, if not all of the transactions for the time period that the Shift covers. Below is an example of how to open a Shift correctly first thing in the morning.

  • Select Shift on the main CSM Screen.
In most cases the screen will be ready to enter the Starting Cash and select the hardware. If a Shift is open and a second Shift is desired, select the New Shift button.
  • Select the name of the person responsible for the Shift from the Employee Name drop-down list.
  • Enter the Starting Cash amount.
Note: The Starting Cash amount is how much money you put in your drawer when someone starts using the drawer. It is recommended that the person responsible for the drawer verifies the count before starting to use the drawer.
  • Verify the proper cash drawer is selected in the Cash Drawer To Use field.
  • Verify the proper customer display is selected in the Display field.
Note: The default Cash Drawer To Use and Display can be set under the Set Options | Hardware setup if the choices are always the same. See section Utilities | System Options | Hardware Devices for more information.
  • Select Start Shift.
  • Verify the starting amount is correct and select Yes.
  • Select Register to begin ringing transactions.

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