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Ending Shifts

Ending a Shift  

Ending a Shift should only be done when you don’t want to process transactions on that Shift anymore. This will be done at the end of the day, or when your cashier is leaving and someone is replacing them and using a new cash drawer. If you are switching employees and Shifts during the day, see the article Switching Shifts for more information.

  • Select Exit Register.
  • Select Shift on the main CSM Screen.
  • Optionally an employee given permissions to use Show All Shifts can select this to add All Shifts to the Select Shift drop-down list.
  • Choose the Shift to close from the Select Shift drop-down list.
  • Select one of the following methods for counting the cash in the drawer.
Recommended Method
  • Select the Worksheet button.
  • Count and enter in the number of each type of currency in the fields on the left.
  • When completed select Copy To Shift Screen to copy the totals to the Shift screen.
Note: Select the Print Worksheet button after filling in the totals to print a hard copy of the cash entries.

Alternate Method
  • Select the Worksheet button.
  • Select the Print Blank Worksheet button for a printed blank copy of the worksheet to fill out.
  • Set aside your starting cash and count the remainder of money.
  • Enter total amount of cash collected in the Cash field.
Note: It is highly recommend keeping the worksheet to have a detailed account of your cash.
  • Once the Counted Cash has been entered, count and verify the Counted Check and Credit Card totals. If there is any discrepancy in the numbers enter the actual counted numbers.
  • If there is an over or short (even one penny) a reason is required. Enter any information known in the Reason field.
  • Select Close Shift
  • Verify you are closing the correct Shift and select Yes.
  • Select Yes when prompted to print the Z-Report. 
Blind Closing

To prevent the cashier from being able to view the calculated totals Blind Closing can be turned on.  This is a protective feature used to prevent the cashier from seeing the shift is over, and removing the over amount from the drawer.  

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