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Switching Shifts

Switching Shifts

If you have decided to use more than one drawer during a day, you will at some time need to switch shifts. There will be a time when you have an employee processing transactions who needs to count out and an employee who just arrived who needs to take over the register. There is an easy way to avoid interrupting the customer flow while maintaining the security of having everyone responsible for their own drawer. Below is an example of how to switch shifts when your afternoon employee comes in and relieves your morning employee.

Begin by having your afternoon employee count their Starting Cash in a spare insert and be ready to ring customers.

  • Exit Register and select Shift.
  • Morning employee will select No Sale and enter or select a reason. (such as “Switching shifts”)
  • Morning employee takes out their drawer insert and the afternoon employee puts their drawer insert into the cash drawer.
  • Morning employee selects Worksheet and Print Blank Worksheet.
  • Morning employee selects Cancel and selects Log Off from the main screen.
  • Afternoon employee enters their credentials to log into CSM.
  • Afternoon Employee selects Shift, enters Starting Cash amount and selects Start Shift.
  • Morning employee now goes to the back office to count their drawer while the afternoon employee starts his/her New Shift and continues to help customers.
  • When the morning employee is done counting the drawer he/she must end the morning shift in CSM. They will want follow the Ending Shift steps above to end his/her shift. (See the section Ending Shifts). If the logged in employee does not have permission to Show All Shifts, the morning employee will need to log back in to view their Shift. Then they must log off and the afternoon employee will log back into CSM. See section Employee | Role Maintenance for more information on permissions. 

Note: Once logged back in the afternoon employee will follow the above steps to continue their Shift. See section Continuing Shifts above for more information. 

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