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Customer History

History Introduction

The History tab allows you to view all of the purchases made on a customer account. It tracks every item purchased, the day it was purchased, ticket number for the items, price, punches and point details. The History page also tracks any items that were voided, discounted or free. These items are displayed in contrasting colors to allow you to search for them quickly.

Note: Additional information regarding a specific transaction can be found by viewing and/or reprinting the Ticket in the Tickets screen located on the Register tab.

Returns – Any record that represents an item that has been returned.

Recv on Account – Any record that represents a transaction where money was received on the account, as well as any extra credit applied.

Voids - Any record that represents an item that has been voided.

Tips - Any record that represents a tip has been removed from the account only. This is unrelated to tips on credit card transactions.

Earn Free – Any record giving the details of a free drink that was earned.

Used Free – Any record giving the details of a free drink that was redeemed.

Account Charge – Any record giving the details of the charge taking money from the account to purchase items using the On Account option at the time of purchase.

Discount – Any item that was purchased at a discounted price.

30 Days / Last 25 / Last 50 / All – Select the desired number of records (lines) to print, using the Print History button. Selecting 30 days will provide all records in the last 30 days. Selecting All will print the entire list.

Print History – This button will print the desired number of records directly to the receipt printer.

Preview – Select this before selecting the Print History button to view the history report onscreen before printing.

Card History – This is a listing of the details related to the card number attached to the customer account. Any time a card number is replaced (using the Lost Card button from the customer screen) or when a card has been combined in to another card.

 Customer History Tutorial / Tips
  • Use the Customer History to research any issues with a customer's account.  This might include determining if punches or free drinks were earned, money was received or charges were processed on the account.
  • As cards are renumbered in the system, for example when a customer loses their card or the card becomes defective, the history of numbers that have been used for the account can help in matching transactions to the log files when searching for specific transaction activity.

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