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Customer | Adjust

Customers | Adjust

Overview:  Customer account balances, punches, free drinks and punches can be manually adjusted.  This is commonly used by owners or managers to correct mistakes with accounts.  The ability to make adjustments to a Customer account requires that the proper permissions are enabled in Role Maintenance. See section Employee | Role Maintenance for more information. 

Adjusting Account Balances
  • Select the Customers button
  • Swipe the card or select Lookup Customer to manually look up the customer
  • Select the Adjust button

  • Select ADD to the Account or REMOVE from the account.
  • Select the ADD / REMOVE Punches to the Punch Count, Free Drinks, Points or money to the Balance.
  • Enter the Quantity/Amount.
  • Enter a Reason for the change.
  • Select Process Changes.
  • Select Yes to adjust now message.
  • Select OK to successful message.

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