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Reports | Introduction

Reports | Introduction

Reports Introduction

We have created options for you in our reports that allow you to customize the information to work best with your needs. You can print reports based on different Search Criteria such as dates, Z numbers and class and use filters to view only the information you need. Keep in mind that the more parameters you select the less information you will be able to view. Using one variable is recommended.

Reports Instructions

Printing / Exporting Reports
  • Choose the report you wish to export and select the Search Criteria for that report. For this example I will use a Sales Summary.
  • Select Preview Report

  • When the report is loaded on screen you may select the printer icon to print the report. See section Utilities | SETUP | System Options - Printer Settings for information on selecting a report printer.
  • To export the report to a disk or an application, select the icon with a disc and piece of paper. This screen will allow you to save the file name, type and location. 

Recommended Frequency for Reporting

Report Name Daily Weekly Monthly Rarely When Needed Fraud Audit
          ZReport Reprint X
          Master Zreport (QB exporting) X
          Voided Transactions
          Customer Edits X X X X
          Journal Report
          Paid In/Out X X
          Prepaid Received X
          Prepaid Redeemed X  
          No Sale X     X  
          Credit Card Summary X
          A/R Charges   X   X
          Deposit Slip   X  
          Remote Purchases X
          Remote Receipts (for HQ only) X
          Free Drinks (for HQ only) X   X     X  
          Standing Order X
Reports | Sales Information
          Sales Report X
          Prepaid Customers X
          Customer List X  
          Customers by Hour X   X  
          Sales by Hour X  X  
          Sales Tax Report X  X  
          Cost of Goods X
          Discount Report X   X  
Reports | Inventory Management
          Cup count X   X     X  
          Inventory listing   X   X
          Recommended Reorders X   X  
          Inventory Adjustments X   X  
          Physical Inventory Sheets X   X  
          Recipe Listing X
          Inventory Value X
Reports | Employee Management
          Employee Schedule X
          Employee Hours Summary X
This chart is a suggestion from CSM. Your needs may vary from store to store. This chart should be used as a guide for owners and managers. Some reports will be used more frequently for owners who are not in the store on a regular basis, versus owners who also act as the onsite manager.

The Fraud Audit designation includes those reports that may help identify unusual and/or unauthorized transactions or activity.

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