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Cash Register Operation | Final Checkout

Final Checkout | Methods of Payment

Cash – To accept cash payment select the field next to the Cash button.
  • Enter the amount using the number pad onscreen, or by using the keyboard. 
  • Once you have entered the cash amount select Complete Order

Cash - Using Tendered Amount – If the customer pays the exact amount in cash, select the Cash button to complete the sale with no change due. If you do not like this option you can disable the option by selecting Utilities | Setup | System Options | System Settings and enable ‘No Tendered Cash Key’.

Quick payment tendered keys – The five keys on the right allow you to take cash more quickly.
  • If the customer pays with a 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 dollar bill, simply select the corresponding key and the amount will be automatically tendered and the change calculated as if you had typed in the amount and selected Complete Order
  • The sixth button is a ‘dollar up’ option. For example if the order is $21.50, this button will display ‘22’ representing $22.00. 
Check –To accept a check for the exact amount select the Check button. The order amount will fill in the left hand field.
  • The second field is for the Check number. This allows you to print a check listing with check number and amount for your deposit the next morning. 
  • The amount of the sale will be entered under the first box. If they write a check for over the amount of the sale, simply select the field next to Check.
  • Enter the amount on the check using the onscreen key pad or the keyboard.
Note: If you do not accept checks as a form of tender you can disable this tender button. See section Utilities | Setup | System Options for more information on disabling Checks.

Credit Card: Authorizing a credit card – If you have installed and linked to the Credit Card software, you will be able to process a credit card on the Checkout screen.
  • Select the Credit Card button view the credit card authorization screen. 
  • Select Authorize Transaction, which will then approve or disapprove the sale by contacting the bank and returning the authorization code. 
Note: If you must manually enter the card number (card does not swipe correctly), select Manual Entry then enter the card number, expiration and zip code. The name may be left blank for a manual transaction.
  • An approved transaction will return a numeric code in the lower white box which is the approval code. This will print out on the receipt that the customer signs. 
  • If the transaction is denied, you must cancel and use some other payment method or a different card. 
  • If the transaction indicates TIMEOUT, select Authorize again to retry the transaction. 
Note: Internet conditions and other factors such as trouble at the credit card processing companies end may affect the speed of and ability to complete transactions.

Accepting a Coupon

Coupon : Accepting a coupon –  This feature should be used for dollar amount discounts. If you need to subtract a percentage use the % column on the Register screen.
  • If all or part of the payment was a coupon, for instance a "free small espresso" coupon, select the Coupon button. 
  • Once a coupon is entered, you may always go back and change it or zero it out by selecting the Coupon button again. The coupon defaults to disabled. 
  • Select Apply to no longer allow coupon. See section Maintenance | Coupon Manager for more information on coupons. 

Completing a sale with a Gift Card or Customer Account


Using a gift card at checkout – When using the club card system, usually the first step is to request the customer’s card, then swipe their card. The customer account is immediately pulled up. You will see the information appear in the upper right-hand corner.
  • If the account has an available balance, Gift Card (On Account) will automatically fill in with amount to be paid. 
  • If the available balance is not enough to cover the entire order, a secondary form of tender will need to be selected. 
  • If the order amount is not to be charged to the account, select the Clear button next to the Gift Card (On Account) field and select a different form of tender.
If the customer has two cards you will not be able to combine them at the time of payment swipe the first card.

To combine multiple cards:
  • Select the Account/Gift Card button located on the Register screen. See section Combine Two Accounts above for more information.
Looking up a customer by name

Manual Lookup – Select this to look up for a Customer account using expanded search criteria.
  • Select the Manual Lookup button on the upper right hand side of the Checkout screen. 
  • Select the search field that you would like to use (First Name, Last Name, Phone, Company, Address, City, Zip Code, Email) and enter in the customer’s information. A list will appear with possible matches as you begin typing. 
  • Select the correct customer and select Pick This Customer

Note: To clear the fields, select Clear Search Boxes. To close out of the screen without selecting a customer, select the Cancel & Pick Nothing button.

Redeeming Free Drinks on Accounts

Use Available Drink
– If the customer currently has free drinks available on their account, an additional option will appear on the Checkout screen. The Use Available Free Drink button will appear immediately after the customer account is looked up.
  • Select the Use Available Free Drink button. In the lower left-hand corner will be a list of the Last Ten Drinks Purchased. This will allow you to catch abuse of the intended discount provided by your buy/free program. 
  • The item to be used as free will be highlighted with a green Yes. 
  • Select OK to choose item and return to the Checkout screen.
  • Any remaining balance must be paid in the normal manner by entering a cash, check, charge or coupon amount.
Note: You may elect to control the discount by automatically turning the drink into a discount by setting the option to Use Drink Averaging in the System Settings. See section Utilities | Setup | System Options | System Settings for more information.

Redeem Paper Punch Card: Redeeming Free Drinks with paper punch cards – If you are using paper punch cards for your buy/get free program, you will use the Redeem Paper Punch Card button to activate the redemption process.


Redeeming Points and Promotional items

Use Available Points/Promo - If the customer currently has promotional items available on their account, an additional option will appear on the Checkout screen. The Use Available Points/Promo button will appear immediately after the customer account is looked up.
  • Select the Use Available Points/Promo button.
  • Select Yes under the Use Free column for Promotional items.
  • Select Yes under the Use Points column to redeem a Points item. 
  • Select OK to accept and return to the Checkout screen.
Note: Select Clear Selections, then OK to cancel out of the Points/Promotions screen without selecting any item.


Type Name – This allows you to enter a name to appear on the Order Ticket.
  • Select the Type Name field on the upper right hand side of the Checkout screen to add the customer’s name to personalize the receipt and order tickets. 
  • Type the customer’s name into the box before selecting Complete Order
Note: You could also use this to put table numbers or other information at the top of your orders.

View Notes – Select this to view any notes entered on the Customer account.

View Cust – Select this to view the Customer account screen.

Clear Cust: Clearing the selected customer - The Clear Cust button is meant to remove the name and phone number if you make a typo or the customer changes their mind. Selecting it will clear the customer you have selected and you will need to re-select either the name, phone or swipe the club card again.

Add Customer – Select this to add a new Customer account. Swipe a Gift card or Loyalty card and enter the Customer’s information. Select Save to save changes and return to the Checkout screen. Select Cancel to leave the Customer screen without adding the new account and return to the Checkout screen.

Note: It is possible to create a Customer account without assigning a Gift card or Loyalty card. Skip the swipe card field and enter Customer information. When Save is selected a prompt will offer to save the account without assigning a card. Select OK and CSM will assign an ID number to the account.

For Here – This is the default option. It records the transaction as Dine-in. Depending on your sales tax laws, it may affect the order total if this is selected.

To Go – Select this if the order is for take out. Depending on your sales tax laws, it may affect the order total if this is selected.

Print Receipt – Select this to print a receipt for this transaction. If you have the printer selection ‘Print Receipts’ enabled in the System settings, this will default on. See section Utilities | Setup | System Options | Printer Settings for more information on printers.

Tax Exempt – Select this if the order is excluded from sales tax. Enter the customer’s federal tax ID in the field.

Return to Register – Select this to exit the Checkout screen and return to the Register screen to make changes to the transaction.

Exchange Rate calculator

If the customer wishes to pay in a foreign currency, and you normally accept foreign currency, you may use the exchange button Exch on the Checkout screen. You must first set up the exchange rates in Utilities. See section Utilities | Setup | System Options | System Settings for more information.

  • Select the Exch button to view the conversion screen.
Note: This list is user defined and you must keep the exchange rate current.
  • Enter the amount of foreign currency the customer is tendering in the (name) Tendered field.
  • The change difference for your currency will appear in the Change Amount (name) field.
  • Select OK to return to the Checkout screen. 
  • Select Complete Order to complete a foreign currency transaction. 

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