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Cash Register Operation | Tickets Screen

Cash Register Operation | Tickets Screen

Tickets Introduction

The Tickets button will bring you to the ticket maintenance screen, where you can void a transaction, return an item, add a tip to a credit card sale (if applicable), reprint a receipt or an order ticket. 

Tickets Instructions

The computer will automatically load the sales from the current day. If you need to you can search for a ticket from another day. To search by date simply enter the date of the sale and select Find. You can also search by using the ticket number or part of the item description and selecting the Find button.

Tickets - Void Sale - Void Sale should only be used for invalid sales.

Note: This feature DOES NOT return money to credit cards for credit transactions. If you void a credit card transaction you will need to manually credit the card back through your credit card software. To avoid this, always use Return Item for credit transactions.

  • To void a sale which was previously completed, select the list to highlight the ticket.
  • Select the Void Sale button. 
  • Select a reason for the void and select Void Order.
  • Select OK to confirm and void all items on this ticket. 
Note: Voiding a sale from a prepay customer will return the money to that customer. Voiding a received on account from a prepay customer will remove the money from their account.  

Tickets - Return Item - This feature allows you to return one item from a multi-item order. It also will return money in the same form as it was paid. This includes credit card transactions. Always use this option when returning items on a credit card transaction.

Returning an item:
  • Select the ticket line to highlight the order.
  • Select Returns. The items on the sale will be individually listed. 
  • Select the box next to the item being returned.
  • Select a reason for the return from the Return Reason drop-down list.
  • Select Process Return
  • Enter a reason for the return and select Continue.
  • The item will be removed from the sales record and the quantity returned to Inventory. 
Note: If it is a credit card return, you may be prompted to swipe the credit card.

Tickets - Reprint Receipt - Select Reprint Receipt to reproduce the original receipt on the printer.

Tickets - Reprint Order Ticket - Select Reprint Order Ticket to reproduce the order ticket on the printer.
Tip – Select this to add a gratuity to a credit card transaction or a Customer account transaction.

Accepting tips on credit card transactions - OR - on Account

NOTE: Tips must entered on transactions before closing your shift or settling your batch. If you do not enter your tips before settling your batch you will lose the tip, as it cannot be added on after a batch has been settled.  This includes when your processor is setup to auto-settle the batch at a specific time.

NOTE: Your credit card processor must supports tips and must be certified to run on the NETePay software, unless using one of our merchant processing partners, in order to take tips on credit cards.   

  • From the Ticket screen select the Credit Card or Gift/Prepaid Card transaction to add the tip on.
Note: Select the Show Credit Card Only option to view only transactions completed as a credit card sale. 
  • Select the Tip button.
  • Enter Tip Amount
  • The % amount of the tip will appear next to the dollar amount - this is a double check to notice entry errors by the user.  For example if the tip is $1.50 and the user enters $150 by mistake the extremely large % amount is an indicator a mistake was made.
  • Select Authorize Tip Transaction
  • If the tip is more than 20% a warning will appear giving the user to check the amount before proceeding.     
Note:  The value of the 20% can be changed with the Tip Greater Than Warning % system option.  See section Utilities | Setup | System Options | Credit Cards for more information.
Tips on Credit Cards Special Settings

Collect Immediately - The ability to capture tips immediately during the checkout process can be enabled. See section Utilities | Setup | System Options | Credit Cards for more information.

Suppress Tip Receipt - The tip receipt can be suppressed from printing.  This will set the default setting of the Print Confirmation on the Tip screen to unchecked.  As desired the user can override the setting to print a tip receipt.  See section Utilities | Setup | System Options | Credit Cards for more information.

Tips on Gift/Prepaid Accounts Special Settings

Sign for Account Purchases - To receive a receipt when using Gift/Prepaid accounts enable Sign for Account Purchases.  See section Utilities | Setup | System Settings | Additional for more information.   

Print Tip Line for Account Purchases - To include a tip line on the receipt when using Gift/Prepaid accounts enable Print Tip Line for Accounts.  See section Utilities | Setup | System Settings | Additional for more information.    

Tickets - Close Ticket Screen – Select this to exit the Tickets screen and return to the Register tab.

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