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Cash Register Operation | Builder Pages (Espresso Builder)

Cash Register Operation | Builder Pages (Espresso Builder)

The Espresso Builder screen is usually set as the default screen to return to after every sale or when you enter the register. The default tab can be set to any of the register tabs. See section Customize for more information on how to change the default tab.

Ordering Items on Builder Tabs
  • Select the desired number of Shots (optional)
  • Select a Size and Type of item. 
The item will appear in the white status window at the bottom of the page.
  • Select Extras such as Flavors, Modifiers, etc. (optional)
  • Select the desired Milk (optional)
  • Select Finish Item to finish the order. 
Once the item is finished it appear in the running total box on the left side.

Shots - The numbered buttons on the left of your screen represents the number of shots in each drink. When you select a drink you do not have to select a number of shots unless it is different than the default number of shots the drink comes with. For example if your Medium Mocha usually comes with two shots and the customer wants a double Mocha, simply select Medium Mocha. To verify that your settings are correct for your default number of shots, find the item in Inventory Maintenance. If the customer would like a Mocha with an extra shot you would not select 1, you would select 3. The shots indicate the TOTAL number of shots in the selected drink.

Size - The system supports multiple sizes on the Builder Page.
  • To add an item to the customer’s order you must select a size as well as a type. 
Type - These columns represent the items that you offer.
  • To order an item you must also select a size. 
  • To make any modifications to the drink other than the standard menu item, use the options in the Extras column. 
Extra - These items are used for any modifications you wish to include on your menu such as Whip Cream or No Foam. These options can also be listed in your Modifier menu.
  • The button types (Modifiers, Flavors, Drinks, etc) are set in Customize
Flavor - This button will increase the number of Flavor shots or will bring up the Flavor Picker depending on how flavors have been setup.

If no flavor lists have been assigned to the button:
  • Select the Flavor Button to the desired number of shots. The button will increment from 0-5 and then reset back to 0. 
If a flavor list have been assigned to the button:
  • Select the Flavor Button and a list of flavors will appear. The flavors will be listed in alphabetical order. Scroll down to see all flavors. See section Inventory | Inventory Maintenance for more information on how to add flavors to your Flavor Picker. 
  • Select the name of the flavor or the + sign. 
  • After the desired flavors have been chosen select OK
Modifier - This button displays a Modifier list. Selecting an item from the list adds modifier descriptions to the item description. Some examples of modifiers might be ‘extra hot’ or ‘decaf’. This option allows you to specifically define the item for the customer as well as the barista. See section Inventory | Inventory Maintenance for more information on Modifier lists.
  • Select the Modifier button 
  • Select the modifier description or the + sign to add the modifier.
  • After the desired modifiers have been chosen select OK.
Milk - This button is will toggle through the milk options.
  • Select the button until the desired milk is shown. Once all of the milks have been toggled through, it will start back on the default milk. 
  • If there is a charge associated with this type of milk in Inventory Maintenance, the price will be added to the drink.
Finish Item - You may continue to change an item until you select the Finish Item button. The item will appear in the white description box as you are building itit is being built. Once you are done you must select Finish Item to save the item to the order.

Note: If you build an item and then move to another tab without selecting Finish Item you will lose the item you were building and you will have to start again. To prompt for a confirmation of deleting an item that is not Finished, enable the Check Builder Started Orders option in System Options. See section Utilities | SETUP | System Options for more information.

Register - To access the register screen to complete the transaction you can use the green Register button on the lower right of the Builder screen.

Builder and Button Page options

These are options that appear on the bottom of the Builder and Button pages.

Scan UPC Code – This feature allows items with Bar Codes to be scanned to retrieve to purchase an item. Items must be set up in Inventory Maintenance with a Bar Code. See section Inventory | Inventory Maintenance for more information on creating items. Bar code scanners are an optional purchase.

Order Queue – This is a shortcut button to access the Queued Orders screen.

List View – This feature allows the items on a specific page to be shown in a List format instead of a Button format.

Customers – This is a shortcut button to access the Customer Maintenance screen.

Register – This is a shortcut button to access the Register tab.

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