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Cash Register Operation

Cash Register Operation

Overview: The Register screen is the most used screen in the program. It is designed to help you manage the day to day operations of your business. This is where orders are placed and completed. Customer accounts and gift cards are created and used here as well. It allows employees to clock in and out as well as view store communications. It allows a quick report view of the daily sales activity and viewing of past transactions.

Cash Register Operation Introduction

The Cash Register is made from four types of screens. The Register Tab and the Queue Tab are two types of screens that are not customizable. Builder Tabs and Button Tabs are the two types of screens that are customizable. Builder screens can be made for a variety of products; with the Espresso Builder being the most common. Other ideas might be Cold Drinks, Ice Cream, or Sandwich builders. Button screens are designed primarily for one click buttons to ring items. Buttons can also allow for flavor or modifier lists to be linked to the button in order to make simple choices such as the flavor of a smoothie. For bulk products buttons can be created to prompt for quantity or price.

Cash Register Operation Topics

Builder Pages
  •  Ordering Items on Builder Tabs
  • Builder and Button Page Commands 
Button Pages 
  •   Builder and Button Page Commands

Register Tab
  • Time Clock
  • No Sale
  • Logoff
  • Paid Out
  • Customers
  • Cancel Order
  • For Here/To Go/Delivery
  • Scan UPC Code
  • Complete Order
  • Exit Register
  • Employee Center
  • Flash Report
  • Register Item Editing screen
  • Queue Order tab
Tickets Screen 
  • Tickets Introduction
  • Tickets Instructions
  • Tickets - Void Sale
  • Tickets - Return Item
  • Returning an item
  • Tickets - Reprint Receipt
  • Tickets - Reprint Order Ticket
  • Tip
  • Tips on Credit Cards Special Settings
Account/Gift Card
  • Add Money to Existing Account
  • Activate New Gift Card/Account
  • Create Multiple Gift Cards
  • Combine Two Accounts
Cash Register Operation Instructions
  • Ordering an Item
  • Editing an item
  • Changing the quantity
  • Creating an exact copy of an item
  • Adjusting a Builder item
  • Editing a Builder item
  • Creating an exact copy of an item
  • Changing the Quantity
  • Discounting an Item or the Entire Sale 
  • Discounting a single item
  • Queuing an order 
Final Checkout

Methods of Payment

  • Cash 
  • Cash - Using Tendered Amount 
  • Quick payment tendered keys
  • Check
  • Credit Card: Authorizing a credit card 
  • Accepting a Coupon
Completing a sale with a Gift Card or Customer Account
  • Using a gift card at checkout
  • Looking up a customer by name
  • Manual Lookup
Redeeming Free Drinks on Accounts
  • Use Available Free Drink 
  • Redeem Paper Punch Card: Redeeming Free Drinks with paper punch cards 
Redeeming Points and Promotional items
  • Use Available Points/Promo
Clear Cust: Clearing the selected customer

Add Customer

For Here / To Go 

Print Receipt

Tax Exempt 

Return to Register

Exchange Rate calculator

Adding Tips
  • Adding Tips
  • Correcting a Tip amount
  • Authorizing a Tip on a Prepaid Customer account

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