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Printer Maintenance

This screen allows you to create printer alias names in CSM and map those names to previously installed printers in Windows.  All other areas of CSM will use the alias to know which printer to send the documents to.  The purpose of having an alias is being able to change the printer assignment in a single location, and not having to update all items.  A common scenario would be when a printer is replaced, or has been re-detected by Windows under a different name.

Note:  Start by making sure all of your printers have been properly installed in Windows and can print a Windows test page.

To create a new Printer alias
  • Select New.
  • Enter a Printer ID name. This must be unique. For example: REP.
  • Enter a Description name. For example: Report Printer. 
  • Select a printer already installed in Windows from the Windows Printer drop-down list.
  • Select Printer Type.  This will always be default unless setting up label printers.
  • Select Save.
To change a printer
  • Select Edit.
  • Edit the Description or select a printer from the Windows Printer drop-down list.
  • Select Save
To delete a printer
  • Select a printer from the Printer ID or Description drop-down list.
  • Select Delete.
Note: This will not delete the printer from Windows.

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