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Item Prompts

Item Prompt is a module that you can use to enhance the current functionality of CSM by enabling multiple choices within the context of one menu button on your food, drink or misc tabs. An example would be building custom sandwiches. You add choices, or answers by creating prompts, or questions. The Right-click feature has been added to enable option controls. It allows multiple Tab and Prompt Panels to be added to each set created.

Prompt Designer - Select this button to load the Prompt Designer screen in order to create or edit Item Prompts. See section Prompt Designer for more information.

Assign Prompts - Select the Assign Prompts button to add or remove prompts to the selected Inventory item.
<< Add Prompt – Select the << Add Prompt button to move the selected prompt from the Available Prompts column to the Selected Prompts column. This will attach the prompt to the Inventory item.

Remove Prompt – Select the Remove Prompt >> button to remove the selected prompt from the Selected Prompts column. This will remove the prompt from the Inventory item.

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