Inventory | Purchase Orders

Inventory | Purchase Orders

This screen allows you to create purchase orders. It stores past purchase orders to review and receive items when the order comes in.

Vendor – Select a vendor name from this drop-down list to attach to the order. See section Maintenance | Vendors for more information on creating Vendors.

Purchase Order Number – The number assigned to the purchase order by CSM when it was created.

Order Date – Select a date from the Calendar icon or enter in a date to view.

Order Total – This is the monetary total based on the Item Quantity multiplied by the Item Cost.

Note: Inventory Items selected must have a Cost entered. See section Inventory Maintenance above from more information on entering an item Cost.

Received Total – The amount received into Inventory.

Last Recvd – This is the date items from the Purchase Order were last received on.

Open Total – This is the remaining monetary total based on the items ordered in the Purchase Order.

Vendors – This is a shortcut to the Vendors Maintenance screen.

Inventory – This is a shortcut to the Inventory Maintenance screen.

Printer icon – Select this to print the Purchase Order.

New PO – Select this to create a new Purchase Order.
  • Press F5 or click here to add item – This is how you browse to an Inventory item to select it as part of the Purchase Order.
  • Press F6 or click here to order recommended items – This will show Inventory items with low quantities for a specific Vendor. 
  • Save – Select this to save any changes.
  • Cancel – Select this to exit the screen without saving changes. 
Change PO – Select this to make changes to an existing Purchase Order.

Receive PO – Select this to receive items into Inventory ordered on the selected Purchase Order.

Delete PO – Select this to delete a Purchase Order.

Close – Select this to exit the Purchase Order screen.

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