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Overview: Recipes are used to pull inventory quantities from the items that make up a drink rather than just tracking the single drink item. For instance, a Mocha can deduct one cup, 14 Oz. of milk, 1 Oz. of chocolate, 2 Oz. of espresso beans and a lid.

Recipe Introduction

The first step to setting up recipes is to enter items for the individual components such as cups, lids, milk, straws, etc.Some items are already entered into the system for you. Some of these items include hot and cold cups, milk and espresso beans. You will need to add additional items like chocolate syrup, Chai powders, anything else that will be going into the recipe.

Recipe Instructions

There are 3 fields crucial to getting accurate results from your recipes. Stock Units, Sell Units and Conversion Factor must be set properly. The Stock Unit is how you buy the item. For instance, cups usually come in bags of 50 cups, so the Stock Unit would be BAG, the Sell Units would be CUP, and the conversion factor would be 50, or “how many cups in 1 bag”? Another example would be chocolate syrup. Stock unit would be BOTTLE, Sell unit would be OZ and the conversion factor would be 32 for the 32 ounces in a bottle of syrup. See Inventory Maintenance for more information and a screen shot.

Size Tabs – The panel on the left hand side of the Recipe List tab will show recipe grids for each size associated with the selected Inventory item.

Show Only – Select an Item Type from the drop-down list to view all Inventory items marked as a Stock Item within the selected Item Type.

Instructions – Enter notes or instructions for creating the selected Inventory item.

Makes Qty – Enter in the item quantity the recipe yields in this field.

Pull when sold – Relieves the inventory at the time the item is sold

Make from scratch – Select this option to build the recipe manually, using the Stock Inventory items.  For relieving inventory when the item is made, such as a batch of cookies.

Change Recipes – Select this to edit the recipe and/or Instructions of the selected Inventory item.

Copy Size – Select the Size with the recipe information you would like to copy from this drop-down list.

To Size – Select the Size you would like to copy the recipe information into from this drop-down list.

Copy Recipe – Select the recipe you would like to copy from this drop-down list and select Copy Item.

Save Recipes – Select this to save your recipe changes.

Cancel Changes – Select this to cancel any changes made.

Once the components of recipes are set up, it is a simple matter of going to the recipe tab and inserting a list of ingredients that comprise the item. Here is an example of a typical Mocha:

  • Select Change Recipes.
  • Select Ingredients in the Show Only grid (optional). 
  • Select an item from the Available Items grid. 
  • Use the << Add button to move the selected item to the Recipe grid of the selected Size. 
  • Select the Qty field of the item and enter the quantity of the sell units used in the recipe.
  • Select the Units in the drop down list. 
  • Select if the item is removed for both Here or To Go. For example remove Here check if a ceramic cup is used. 
  • Enter Instructions or steps to prepare item (optional). 
  • Select Save Recipes. 

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