Inventory | Inventory Waste

Inventory Waste

This screen allows you to remove Inventory items marked ‘Waste Item’. The Inventory item must also have an Onhand quantity of at least 1 to appear in this screen. Wasted items details including reasons are viewed on the Waste Report. See section Reports | Inventory – Waste Report for more information.

Item ID – The Inventory ID name assigned to the item.

Size – The Size attached to the Inventory item.

Color – The Color attached to the Inventory item.

Style – The Style attached to the Inventory item.

Description – The Inventory item’s Description name.

Onhand – The current Stock Unit quantity according to the program.

Waste Qty – The actual quantity entered to be removed from the Inventory item.

Reason – Enter a reason the items are being Wasted. The default reason enter is ‘End of Day’.

Waste Inventory – Select this to save changes and remove the Waste Qty count from Inventory.

Close – Select this to exit the Inventory Waste screen.

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