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Employee Introduction

Employee Introduction

Creating employees is necessary for daily operations and security. You will give each employee a Login ID and password or assign an employee card which has a Login ID and password encoded on it to allow the employee to access the CSM program. for logging into Coffee Shop Manager. This Login ID and password will also be used to identify the employee that was responsible for things such as starting and ending a shift, or processing and completing transactions. You will also assign a role to the employee which will determine the features they are allowed to access.

Locate Employee – Use the Locate Employee drop-down list as one way to select the employee record to view.

Employee ID – Use the Employee ID drop-down list as one way to select the employee record to view. The Employee ID is permanent and will not change even if the Employee’s Login ID changes.

Name / Address / Phone / Emergency Contact / Email – You may choose to include whatever personal contact information that is important to you for your employee records. This information can be viewed in the Employee List report. See section Reports | Employee for more information.

Pay Rate – If the Employee’s hourly wage is entered in this field, certain reports will calculate the effects of this. For example, the Flash Report will calculate labor cost. See section Cash Register Operation for more information.

Employee Status – This determines the user accounts login status.
  • Active – Select this for all active employees using CSM. 
  • Inactive – Select this to disable the employee’s login, but still keep the employee record available for reporting purposes. 
  • Hire Date – Enter in the date the employee was hired in this field. 
  • Termination Date – Enter in the date the user’s employment ended in this field. 
Show Active Employee’s Only – Use the Show Active Employee’s only checkbox to include only Active employee’s in the records to view. To view all employees uncheck the checkbox.

Photo – Add an employee’s picture to their employee record. Double click the picture box to add a picture from a file or take a picture with a Web Cam (requires Web Cam purchased separately).

New – Select the New button to create a new employee.

Edit – Select the Edit button to edit the employee record.

Delete – Select the Delete button to permanently delete the employee record. It is recommended that valid employee records are made Inactive rather than deleted for record keeping purposes.

Hours Maintenance – Select the Hours Maintenance button to view and maintain the employee hour entries completed in the Time Clock feature.

Role Maintenance – Select the Role Maintenance button to view and maintain the roles.

Assign Card – Select Assign Card to assign a magnetic employee card.

Find Card – Select the Find Card button and swipe an employee card as one way to select the employee record to view.

Change Password – Select Change Password to replace the existing password for an employee record.

Clear ID – Select Clear ID to clear the Login ID and Password associated with an employee account.

Employee Roles – Select the appropriate Role from the drop-down list to assign to this user The box below shows what Roles are assigned to this user.

Exit – Select Exit to leave the Employee Maintenance screen.

Tasks – Use the Tasks tab to assign and maintain tasks for employees. See section Employee | Tasks for more information.

Customize Menu – Use the Customize Menu tab to assign the main menu buttons visible for an employee.

Fingerprint – Use the Fingerprint tab to assign and maintain fingerprints for employees.

Shift – Use the Shift tab to assign specific default Shift templates for employees.

Scheduling – Use the Scheduling tab to assign and maintain the schedule for employees.

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