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Employee Instructions

Employee Instructions

Adding an employee

There are a few necessary fields for adding an employee: First and Last name, Employee ID, Login ID, Password and Employee Role.

  • Select the New button
  • Enter a 3-15 character Employee ID.
  • Enter the employees name in First and Last fields.
  • Enter a 3-4 character Login ID.
Note: The Employees initials are the recommended method for the Login ID. They should be used initially instead of a three digit number. If you plan to use employee cards, or are even considering using employee cards in the future this will make the transition easier because the employee cards we provide are coded with three digit numbers. Using the initials will eliminate the possibility of trying to assign a card number in the future that is already in use. This will help to make the process go more smoothly.
  •  Enter a Password and reenter to verify. 
  Note: Passwords are required to be secure for PCI Compliance. Passwords must be at least 7 characters including at least one capital letter and at least one digit 0-9.
  Note: If the employee is present allow them to choose their own password, if they are not, make sure to enter a password that is easy to remember such as ‘P@ssword1’ or ‘C@shier1’. Then you can let the employee in to change their password at a later time.
  • Select the proper Employee Role from the drop-down list.
Note: It is important to understand Employee Roles are the security of Coffee Shop Manager. Cashier level employees need to be assigned the limited access role. See section Employee | Role Maintenance for more information.
  • To delete an Employee Role from the employee select the role and select the delete key on your keyboard.
  • Enter any of the remaining optional information such as address, phone numbers, email, Pay Rate, etc.
  • Select Save.
  • Select OK to save the changes.
Assigning Employee Cards  

Employee cards are used to replace the Login ID and password. Each card is already encoded with both a Login ID and password. These cards can be used to log into CSM as well as to check in and out on the time clock. You are able to assign Employee cards when creating an employee for the first time or assign Employee cards to an existing employee. Once an employee card is assigned to an employee their old Login ID and password are no longer valid.

Note: Employee cards can not be assigned to a person assigned with the Owner role.

These cards are meant to be used as keys. If an employee forgets or loses their card, they are locked out of CSM. They will not be able to log into CSM, clock in or start a shift to begin using the register.
  • Locate the proper employee record.
  • Select Assign Card.
  • Swipe the card that will be assigned to that employee.
Re-using Employee Cards

Employee Cards can be re-used as many times as you like. If you have an employee that is no longer with you, you may re-use their card for a new employee.

  • Select the old employee account under the Employee screen
  • Select Assign Card (even though you are not assigning a card)
  • Manually type their initials into the Login ID field and select the enter key on your keyboard.
Now this employee’s Login ID will change to the initials you entered. Any activity, employee hours and records will be updated to reflect this new ID. You will not lose anything associated with that employee account.
  • Select the new employee record and assign the card according using the Assign Employee Card directions above. 
Looking Up an Employee Card
  • Select Find Card.
  • Swipe the card to look up.

Changing Passwords

From time to time, employee’s forget their passwords or lose their employee cards and need to have a new password assigned. To change a password, the user logged into CSM must have the permission ‘Change Passwords’ selected in their Role. A user can only change another user’s password if they have the same level of access or lower.

  • Locate the proper employee record.
  • Select Change Password.
  • Enter the Password and Confirm Password.
  • Select Update Password.
Note: Passwords are required to be secure for PCI Compliance. Passwords must be at least 7 characters including at least one capital letter and at least one digit 0-9.

Unlocking Employee Accounts

Employee accounts that have been locked out due to failed password attempts show a red lock symbol.

  • Select the red lock icon to unlock the account
Once selected the lock icon will turn to a green lock icon.

Note:  If an owner level account has been locked out it can only be unlocked by another owner level account.  If another owner level account is not available contact GS support for assistance.

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