Task Maintenance

Task Maintenance

This screen is where you create and schedule Tasks. Tasks can be scheduled as a one time event or as a reoccurring duty. Tasks can also be set to expire on a specified date.  Tasks created for roles will appear for all employees that are assigned the selected role.

Task Expires – Enter a date the Task will expire on.

New Task – Select this to create a new Task.

Edit Task – Select this to make changes to a Task.

Delete Task – Select this to Delete a Task.

Save Task – Select this to save changes to the Task.

Close – Select this to exit the Task Maintenance screen.

Task ID – Enter an ID name of the Task. This must be a unique name for each Task created.This is the ID assigned to the Task.

Short Description – Enter a brief description of what the Task is.

Notes/Description – This is the details of the Task including instructions, notes, etc. Enter the details of the Task including any instructions needed or special notes regarding the Task.

Assigned To Individual – This shows the name of the employee(s) assigned to the Task.

Assign to Role – Select a Role group from the drop-down list to assign the Task to.

Schedule – Select the date(s) and time(s) the Task is to be completed using the Once, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly options.

Creating a Task

  • Select New Task.
  • Enter a Task ID. For Example: MOP.
  • Enter a Short Description. For Example: Mop the Backroom
  • Enter in any Notes/Description. For Example: Mop the entire back room. Be sure to move the racks and get under the ice maker. 
  • Select a time frame for the Task to be completed. For Example: Daily.
  • Enter in the time frame details such as the Day or Time for the Task to be completed. For Example: 4:00pm. 
  • Select a Role group from the Assign to Role drop-down list to assign a specific Role the Task or select Save Task.

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