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Employee | Customize Menu

Employee | Customize Menu

The main screen menu visible to each employee when they login can be customized. This can be useful if there are various types of employees using CSM. For example: If the cleaning staff only uses the Time Clock in CSM, then you could Customize their main screen menu to only show the Time Clock button. For basic level users, it is recommended to at least have the Register, Shift, Customers and Time Clock buttons assigned. Select buttons to display as well as add quick links to specific reports.

Default Menu - Select this to reset the select to the standard menu configuration.

Clear Buttons – Select this to remove all selections.

Save Buttons Select this to save the button changes.

Changing an employee’s login menu
  • Locate the proper employee record.
  • Select the Customize Menu tab.
  • Select the buttons to show for this employee by selecting the box to the right of the button.

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