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Inventory and Item Maintenance


Overview: The approach to inventory control can range from a simple pricing scheme that addresses your size and price to a complex approach that incorporates sizes, colors and styles. Pricing can be basic allowing one price for every customer to advanced allowing a different pricing level that is applied based on a customer’s membership type. Inventory levels can be tracked for each item, size, color or style. Multiple flavor and modifier lists can be created and assigned to specific items or to builder buttons. Whether a simple or aggressive approach is desired a complete review of this inventory section is suggested; there are many options available and you may find an exciting way to improve your current practices.

Inventory Topics

 Inventory Maintenance 

Inventory | Introduction 

Inventory | Instructions   
  • Adding an Inventory Item
  • Adding a Size
  • Adding a Price Level
Inventory | Modifiers

Inventory | Flavors

Inventory | Printers 

Inventory | Recipe List 

Inventory | Item Prompts

Inventory | Reconcile Physical Inventory

Inventory | Purchase Orders

Inventory | Inventory Adjustment

Inventory | Inventory Waste

Inventory | Global Price Updates 

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