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Inventory | Instructions

Inventory | Instructions

Adding an Item

To add a new Inventory item you will have to fill in all the fields that are described above. Read the section on Inventory Maintenance to understand the importance of the fields required to add an Inventory item. Below is an example of how to add a new Inventory item. Chocolate Chip Cookie will be used as an example.
  • Select New. Follow the descriptions under Inventory and Item Maintenance Fields to help you fill in all the relevant fields. 
  • Enter an Item ID. Remember the Item ID must be unique for each product. This could be COOKIE1 or CHOCCHPCOOK or CHOCCHIP. It does not matter to the program, it simply needs to make sense to you. 
  • Next enter the Description of the item itself. Enter Chocolate Chip Cookie. This is the description that will appear on your reports.
  • Next enter the Price of the item in the Default Price field. 
  • Select a category under Item Type. For this select Standard. See section Inventory | Item Type  for more details on selection options.
  • Next select the Sales Class. If you need to add a class, see section Maintenance | Sales Classes for more information.
  • Select the appropriate sales tax settings for the item and any other options that are relevant for your location. If the item is taxable, you will need to select a Tax Group from the drop-down list. See section Maintenance | Tax Group Maintenance for more information.
  • When you are finished select Save.
  • Select Yes.
  • To edit an item, select Edit then change the information desired, such as the description.

To add a new item that is similar to an existing item use the Copy button to save time. You will see it leaves all the fields filled in but makes them editable.

Once you have added an Inventory item you are now able to create a button for that item. You will exit Inventory Maintenance and select Customize from the main screen. See section Customize for more information on creating buttons.

Adding a Size

When an item is available in more than one size, such as a drink (12 oz., 16 oz., 20 oz.), after creating the item with the steps above add additional sizes by:
  • Select the label Click here to add more sizes of this item on the Inventory Information screen. 
  • Select a Size from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the Default Price for this Size (Color, and Style).
  • Enter any Optional fields.
  • Select Add Size to complete the process. You will see a new entry in the Prices and Quantity Onhand grids.
  • Select Done to close the Add Size screen.
Optional fields:
  • Select a Color from the drop-down list (optional).
  • Select a Style from the drop-down list (optional).
  • Enter Shots Included if the item is an Espresso Drink.
  • Enter the Item Cost for this Size (Color and Style).
  • Enter the UPC code associated with this Size (Color and Style).
  • Select Counts for Free Drink if this item is part of the Frequent Buyer program (unrelated to the use of promotions).
  • If you are using Points based promotions enter the Points Earned and To Redeem values.

Adding a Price Level

Price Levels provide the ability to have a tiered pricing structure such as allowing discounted prices for Friends and Family. See section Maintenance | Price Level for more information on Price levels.

  • Select the label Click here to add another price level on the Inventory Information screen. 
  • Select a Price Level from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the Price. This will be the default price for each Size (Color, and Style) and can be changed in the following steps.
  • Select Prompt for Price if this items price is determined at the time of sale. 
  • Select Add Price Level. You will see a new entry in the Prices grid for each Size (Color, and Style). Selecting Price Level Maint. is a direct link to adding new price levels if needed.
  • If desired double click the Price field in the Prices grid to change the price of the item.
  • Select Close Prices and you will be prompted to save your work.

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