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Inventory | Modifiers

Inventory | Modifiers

Modifiers can be applied to specific inventory items and you will be prompted at the time of the purchase the list to select from. The modifiers must first be created in Inventory (using the Item Type of Modifier).

Adding Modifiers to an Inventory item
  • Select Change Modifiers.
  •  Select Modifiers from the Available Modifiers grid and use the << Add Modifier button to move them to the Show these modifiers during sale grid.
Note: You can use the CTRL and Shift keys or Left Click and hold on the mouse to select multiple items.
  • Remove Modifiers by selecting the Modifiers from the Show these Modifiers during sale grid and select the Remove Modifier >> button.
  • To assign all of the Modifiers in a Modifier Group select a group from the Assign Modifier Group drop-down list. See section Modifier Group Maintenance below for more information on creating Modifier groups. 
Note: Selecting the Modifier Group Maintenance button is a direct link to creating new Modifier Groups.

Modifiers Group Maintenance

This screen allows you to attach like Modifiers together so they can be attached as a group instead of individually. When attached to an Inventory item, the group list will appear at the time of purchase. The modifiers must first be created in inventory (using the Item Type of Modifier). Modifier Groups are a way to quickly select a common group of modifiers such as modifiers added to Sandwiches or Salad offerings.

Creating New Modifiers Group
  • Select New
  • Enter a Modifiers Group ID. This must be unique. For example: Sandwich. Enter in a Description name. For example: Sandwich Toppings.
  • Use the << Add Modifier button to select Modifiers from the Available Modifiers grid and attach them to the Modifier Group. If you need to remove a Modifier from the Selected Modifiers for Group grid, use the Remove Modifier >> button. 
  • Select Save
Editing an Existing Modifiers Group
  • Select the appropriate group from the Locate Group or Modifiers Group drop-down list. Locate Group is a list of the Descriptions with the ID in parenthesis. Modifiers Group is a list of only the IDs. 
  • Select Edit
  • Use the << Add Modifier and Remove Modifier >> buttons to make changes. 
  • Select Save.
Deleting a Modifier Group
  • Browse to the appropriate Modifier Group using the Locate Group or Modifiers Group drop-down list.
  • Select Delete and select Yes to the Permanently remove message. 
Note: The Modifiers are not deleted, only the Group the individual Modifiers were attached to.

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