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Employee Maintenance

Employee Maintenance

Overview: Employee Maintenance is the central location for maintaining all aspects of the employees in Coffee Shop Manager. Storing/maintaining employee’s personal information, assigning feature access (roles), maintaining passwords, assigning tasks, customizing menu buttons for each employee and maintaining employee schedules are all key features of employee maintenance.

Employee Topics

Employee Introduction

Employee Instructions
  • Adding an employee
  • Assigning Employee Cards
  • Re-Using Employee Cards
  • Looking Up an Employee
  • Changing Passwords
  • Unlocking Employee Accounts
Employee | Tasks

Employee | Customize Menu

Employee | Shift

Employee Hours Maintenance
  • Viewing an Employee's Hours
  • Adding an Entry
  • Editing an Entry
  • Deleting an Entry

Employee Center
  • Employee Center Introduction
  • Employee Mail
  • Creating an email
  • Employee Mail Groups 
  • Creating an Employee Mail Group
Role Maintenance

Available Permissions

Task Maintenance

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